Unrecognized Malaria and its Consequences - A Case Report of Severe Malaria with Acute Renal Failure

Biserka Trošelj Vukić, Sretenka Vuksanović Mikuličić, Branka Sladoje Martinović, Irena Milotić, Irena Slavuljica


Severe malaria is a medical emergency that requires urgent recognition and treatment, because it may rapidly progress to serious complications and death. We report a case of imported severe malaria tropica in an adult traveller, with a parasitemia of 20%, complicated by acute renal failure. Patient was initially misdiagnosed by a physician unaware of the importance of patients travel history, as having a viral infection. Despite the treatment delay, the patient was successfully cured with parenteral artemether combined with peroral mefloquine and vigorous supportivemeasures including renal replacement therapy.


severe malaria, malaria tropica, misdiagnosis, renal failure, artemether

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