Bilateral Synchronous Breast Cancer

Ana Šoštarić Zadro, Jurica Fudurić, Ivan Frketić, Matija Miletić, Zvonko Zadro, Miran Martinac, Žarko Rašić, Mario Kordić, Damir Rošić


We report a rare case of synchronous bilateral breast cancer in 79-year old female patient treated at our hospital. The tumors were discovered one year ago after a complete clinical and radiological (mammography, US) examination with cytopunction of tumor masses. Results came back and showed carcinomas of both breasts. Patient underwent surgical removal of the both breasts with bilateral axillary lymphadenectomy. Later histological examination confirmed earlier diagnosis of invasive ductal carcinoma in both breasts in a  G3 stage. After surgical removal of the tumors patient was also treated with radiotherapy. One year after bilateral mastectomy and axillary lymphadenectomy, clinical and radiological examination that included mammography and ultrasound of breast with tumor marker C15-3 which was 2.8, we did not found recurrence of the tumor.


synchronous, bilateral, carcinoma, breast

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