The Wild Boar Attack – A Case Report of a Wild Boar Inflicted Injury and Treatment

Nikica Šprem, Petar Škavić, Danko Dežđek, Tomislav Keros


Croatia is a relatively safe country in regards to wild animal attacks and trauma to humans, even though there are a few reported cases of wild animal attacks on humans almost every year. As a bio-diversity hot-spot it is inhabited by a few wild animal species that are known to attack humans and cause serious, sometimes even fatal injuries to humans throughout the world, such as wolves, brown bears and wild boars. We present a case of a recent wild boar attack on a human – a hunter that occurred in central Croatia in the year 2012. The injured person was a part of a group of hunters involved in a drive hunt on wild boars. He sustained a 4 cm long laceration of the left knee by a wounded male wild boar. After the surgical and antibiotic treatment he recovered completely and without any complications.


wild animal; trauma; bites and stings; wild boar; injury; treatment

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