Outcome of Pregnancy and Maternal Weight in Women Living in Coastal and Continental Croatia

Andrea Russo, Damir Roje, Ines Banjari, Rosanda Mulić, Zlatko Kljajić, Viviana Radica, Nikola Kolja Poljak, Iris Jerončić Tomić, Marin Cagalj


Pregnancy outcomes are under the influence of maternal characteristics and environmental factors, diet being the most important. The Benefits of the Mediterranean diet on all health indicators, including pregnancy, are well documented, placing at the top of the world’s healthiest diets. The aim was to investigate whether pregnant women living in the Mediterranean part of Croatia have better pregnancy outcomes in comparison to women living in the continental region. An observational longitudinal study was conducted in two Croatia regions: continental (city of Osijek and surrounding area) and coastal (city of Split and surrounding area). Even though women for the coastal region gained more weight during pregnancy (p=0.048) and prolonged gestation (p<0.001), maternal nutritional status has a higher influence on offspring’s nutritional status at delivery among women from the continental region. The incidence of pregnancy disorders (p<0.001) is higher among women from the continental region. Maternal weight prior to delivery was associated with caesarean section in both regions. Despite an unfavorable maternal nutritional status, both prior and during gestation and prolonged gestation, offspring’s nutritional status is better in the Mediterranean part of Croatia.



Mediterranean diet, food patterns, pregnancy outcomes, pre-pregnancy obesity, Croatia

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