Implementation and Evaluation o of Online Learning at the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health, Osijek, Croatia – Project Report

Jelena Jakab, Davorin Pezerović, Martina Smolić, Robert Smolić, Marinko Žulj, Nikola Volarić, Aleksandar Včev


This paper presents the report on the project of implementation and evaluation of online learning at the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health Osijek. The aim of this project was to include online learning in the teaching process at the Faculty of Dental Medicine and Health, and to assess student’s satisfaction with online learning implemented during elective courses in social sciences. Several dislocated study programs were included, where video conferencing equipment was installed and video conference lectures were held during elective courses in social sciences (Health economics, ealth management, Quality control) using Carnet video conferencing system. Lectures were recorded and made available for students to access at different times and locations. An anonymous survey assessing students’ experience and perception of online education was conducted after each course as a part of the regular anonymous course evaluation survey. A large proportion of students were satisfied with the online lectures and agreed that online teaching improves education quality.

DOI: 10.5671/ca.45.2.2


online learning, videoconferencing, education, Croatia

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