Gallbladder Agenesis

Dora Grgić, Zdravko Zelić, Tihomir Grgić, Tomislav Vukić, Tomislav Pavlović


Gallbladder agenesis is a very rare anomaly which can cause many diagnostic and therapeutic dilemmas. About 20% of patients presents with right upper quadrant pain, nausea and fatty food intolerance. This condition is frequently unrecognized and leads to unnecessary and potentially dangerous surgical procedures.

We present a case report of a 46- year old woman who had clinical presentation of symptomatic cholelithiasis. The diagnosis of cholelithiasis was verified ultrasonographically.  We decided to perform laparoscopic cholecystectomy but during surgery gallbladder was not found. Laparoscopic procedure was therefore stopped and 7 days postoperatively MR cholangiopancreatography was performed – it was clearly that patient had gallbladder agenesis.


gallbladder, laparoscopy, gallstones, pathology, agenesis

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