Earth Resistance Tomography for Detecting Previous Excavation Trenches in Cave and Rock Shelter Sites in the Lim Channel, Croatia

Rory Becker, Ivor Janković, Darko Komšo, James C. M. Ahern, Katarina Gerometta, Jacobo Weinstock


Earth Resistance Tomography (ERT) is a geophysical prospecting technique that has the capacity to model subsurface sediments. This technique is applied at the Cave near Rovinjsko Selo 1 site which is in the Lim Channel, Croatia.  ERT is used as a means for positively identifying a previous excavation trench location within site which, in turn, informs the excavation planning process. The potential benefits of this technique are discussed for future excavation planning efforts at Romuald’s Cave, another cave site location in the Lim Channel.  While beneficial in this study, the technique’s utility will vary in other locations according to site conditions, amount of previous excavation activities, and age of earlier excavation activities which affects both the geophysical survey design and applicability of ERT to the specific site environment.


Earth Resistance Tomography, Archaeological Prospection, Subsurface Modeling, Cave Sites, Rock Shelters

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