Influence of Diastolic Blood Pressure on Glaucoma Progression in Glaucoma Patients with Systemic Hypertension

Smiljka Popović Suić, Ivan Škegro, Sonja Jandroković, Rajko Kordić, Marija Barišić Kutija


The aim of this study is to determine relationship between glaucoma progression and diastolic blood pressure. It was conducted on 64 glaucoma patients at the Department of Ophthalmology of Clinical Hospital Centre Zagreb in three years period. The patients were on anti glaucoma therapy and had mean intraocular pressure values under 20 mmHg. At the same time they were on antihypertensive drug therapy. Patients were classified according Glaucoma Staging System based on the perimetric indices mean deviation (MD) and Pattern Standard Deviation into stage 2-4 (moderate glaucoma) at baseline. Rate of visual field progression was calculated in db/year for MD in the last three visits. Patients were divided in 3 groups according to progression - stabile, moderate and progressive. There was no statistically significant difference between 3 groups in terms of intraocular pressure values at baseline and in follow up period. After reviewing their blood pressure, the progressive group showed a significantly lower diastolic blood pressure compared to both stable group and the group with moderate progression. There was no statistical difference between the group with moderate progression and the stable group in terms of diastolic blood pressure. Results suggest that greater risk of glaucoma progression is connected with lower diastolic blood pressure. Diastolic pressure values could be important as one of the risk factors for progression in glaucoma patients with controlled intraocular pressure values.


glaucoma progression, diastolic blood pressure, glaucoma, hypertension, perimetry

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