Acute Coronary Syndrome with ST-segment Elevation in Pregnancy: Anesthetic Management of Delivery

Slobodan Mihaljević, Renata Curić Radivojević, Ljiljana Mihaljević


Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) during pregnancy is rare but may be associated with high risk complications. Approximately 150 myocardial infarctions (MI) during pregnancy have been documented in literature worldwide, but we didn’t find one with myocardial aneurysm. We describe 2 patients with acute MI; both with ST segment elevation (STEMI), 1 case complicated with heart failure, formation of a myocardial aneurysm and broad QRS arrhythmia; another with uncomplicated course, and their anesthetic management during delivery. Acute MI is rare in reproductive age usually developing in women with cardiovascular risk factors. There is concern about its rising incidence due to the increase of average maternal age. Our cases show that there might be some undiscovered risk factors for pregnancy related myocardial infarction. 


acute coronary syndrome, STEMI, myocardial infarction, pregnancy, delivery, anesthesia

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