Managing a Potential Crisis: Evacuation in the Event of a Nuclear Disaster at the Krško Nuclear Power Plant

Marjan Malešič, Marko Polič, Jelena Juvan, Iztok Prezelj, Samo Uhan, Boštjan Bajec


The article deals with theoretical cognitions and empirical findings regarding evacuation, especially human behaviour during it. The authors define evacuation and classify it , which is followed by a description of psychosocial theories dealing with evacuation, especially the “mass panic” view, the affiliation and normative approach and social identity approach. The article also presents the psychological characteristics of an evacuation. The second part of the article is based on the results of a public opinion survey and interviews conducted in October2012 concerning the preparedness of the population, institutions and companies to evacuate in the event of a nuclear accident at the Krško Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Slovenia. The survey covered settlements located within a 3-kilometre radius around the NPP.  The interviews were conducted with the managers of 12 major companies and institutions operating in the Municipality of Krško. The survey and interviews confirmed some basic theoretical assumptions about the attitudes and behaviour of people during an evacuation.


evacuation, nuclear accident, public opinion, human behaviour during an evacuation

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