Protection of Facilities and Risk Assessment Application

Ivan Nađ, Branko Mihaljević, Martina Mihalinčić


The state of security on a specific area imposes the necessity for constant analysis of the existing system of protection of key state facilities, especially facilities of special significance for the defence. The facilities of special significance for the defence are an important part of the daily life, and enable smooth functioning of the economy and all other state activities. The protection of facilities of special significance for the defence is considered to be a system of obligatory measures which prevent the destruction or damage of the facilities as well as the disclosure of secret data regarding the facilities and activities performed within those facilities. Appropriate prevention protection measures need to be undertaken in case of each form of threat. The basic forms of possible threats to facilities which can cause major or minor damage, and which are within direct scope of physical and technical protection are various forms of terrorist activities, sabotage, diversions, explosions, major fires, natural disasters, burglaries and thefts, robberies, etc. The purpose of this paper is to display the responsibility of the crisis management for the facilities of special significance for the defence during threat assessment, and the development of the protection plans while applying risk assessment.


protection of facilities, risk assessment, threat assessment, protection plan

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