Patient Satisfaction after Revision Hip Arthroplasty or Resection Hip Arthroplasty due to Periprosthetic Infection

Katarina Barbarić, Ana Aljinović, Iva Dumbović Dubravčić, Domagoj Delimar, Goran Bičanić


In this retrospective study we have analysed 10-year period results of all type periprosthetic hip joint infection treatments at our Department. Data for 73 patients were analysed and functional status for 41 patients evaluated. A smaller proportion of patients with resection arthroplasty as the definitive solution are satisfied. These are mostly females with numerous comorbidities and lower functional demands. Most of the patients were moderately satisfied but some patients were extremely unhappy with the results. Much better results were achieved in 2-stage revision arthroplasty group. In conclusion whenever possible revision arthroplasty should be done because probability of re-infection is much lower than was previously believed, and the functional status of patients and their general life satisfaction is much higher.


arthroplasty, infection, Girdlestone, hip, periprosthetic, revision

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