Ivan Tanta, Gordana Lesinger


The UK*s leading professional body for public relation "Charted institut for public relation" (CIPR) said that the public relations is about reputation - they are the results of what you do, ehat you say and what others say about you. Furthermore CIPR says that public relation are discipline whose objectives are safeguarding reputation, establishong understanding and pot pores, and the impact on the thinking and the behaviour of the public. Although the primary goal of public relations is to preserve and build the reputation, to tell the truth to customer who has haired  expert in this area, it seems that in itas own way of development public relation practitioners stopped worrying about their reputation and the percepcion on the discipline within the public they adress.

All relevant professional bodyes for public relations, includin Croation Asssosiation for Public Relation (HUOJ), had set up codes of ethics and high standards according which the members and practitioners should be evaluated. mong other things stays that practitioners of public relation is required to check the reliability and accuracy of data prior to their distribution and nature honesty and accoutability to the public intrest.

It seems that right this instruction of codes of ethics has beeb often violeted. In a public speach in Croatia, and therefore in the media, exist manipulation, propaganda and all the techniques of spin which practitioners of public relations are skillfully using in the daily tranfer of information to the users and target groups.

The aim of this paper is to is to determine what is the percepcepcion of the proffesion in public. As in today*s  journalisam incrisingly present plum of public relations, we wish to comment on the part where jouralisam ands and begin public relation and vice versa.

In this paper we analyze andcompare codes of ethics assosiations of public relations, as well as codes of ethics journalist*s assosiation. Where one ends and other begins, and the extent of which these two professions touch and effects on each other.

is manipulation and spin present in the media that is the question that we seak the answer in this paper.



public relations, journalism, ethics, code of ethics, spin, manipulation

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