Study of Dental Occlusion in Ancient Human Remains: A Methodological Approach.

Elena Fiorin, Joan Cadafalch, Dolors Ceperuelo, Maria José Adserias Adserias, Eduard Chimenos-Küstner, Assumpció Malgosa


The anthropological dental and maxillary study in human skeletal remains usually refers to alterations or conditions of the oral cavity. These alterations could have repercussions on life style, dietary habits and diseases. In this particular context, dental occlusion is not often analyzed due to the fragmented condition of the remains, and especially due to the lack of methodology adapted to study ancient remains. The aim of this study is to propose an anthropological method based on clinical dental practice. In the method presented in this work, odontological parameters such as overjet, overbite, and Angle's Classification of Malocclusion, are evaluated.


malocclusion, paleopathology, paleodontology, reconstruction of paleodiet, life style

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