Expression of Genes Responsible for the Repair of Mispaired Bases of the DNA (MLH1) in Invasive Ductal Breast Carcinoma

Rudolf Milanović, Sanda Stanec, Mladen Stanec, Anđelko Korušić, Ino Husedžinović, Jasminka Jakić Razumović


Breast cancer is a heterogeneous group of diseases determined and distinguished by cellular type, gene expression and clinical signs and symptoms. Identification of histological and biological markers is of great value in predicting the progression of tumor growth and anticipating the expected response to various treatment options. Due to a high degree of cell proliferation in breast tumors and high genetic instability of these tumors, as a consequence of defective DNA repair mechanisms, chemotherapy as a treatment option often renders very successful results. During our scientific research we wanted to determine the involvement of the genetic polymorphisms of DNA mismatch repair system (MLH1 gene) and the subsequent development of breast carcinoma. This study included 108 patients who were surgically treated for invasive breast cancer at the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, University Hospital "Dubrava“. The expression of the MLH1 gene was determined by immunohistochemical methods. The results showed that 82,9% of tumor cells expressed the MLH1 gene. Analysis of survival rate for patients with invasive ductal breast cancer showed a statistically significant (p = 0.043) correlation with the expression of MLH1 genes. The overall five year survival rate of our patients was 78,7%. These results indicate that there is a possible involvement of MLH1 gene in the progression and development of breast cancer.


breast tumor, DNA mismatch repair, genome replication, immunohistochemistry, MLH1 gene

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