The Radiological Estimation of Vertebral Body Volumes on the Thoracic and Lumbal Spine

Mirza Bišćević, Šejla Bišćević, Farid Ljuca, Azmi Hamzaoglu, Ferid Krupić, Barbara UR Smrke, Dragica Smrke


The aim of this work is to radiologicaly estimate the width, height and depth of bodies of thoracic and lumbal vertebras. Charts of one hundred and seventeen patients with implanted internal fixateur on the thoracic and lumbal spine, between 01.01.2008. and 31.3.2010. at the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology -  Clinical centre Sarajevo, were retrieved, and only 14 patients, with totally 46 vetrtebras have meet including criteria (clearly visible measured structures on X-ray and CT scans, and data about implants dimensions). Digitalized anteroposterior and laterolateral X ray, and transversal and sagital CT scans were basic inputs for measurement of height, width and depth of the vertebral body - CH, CW, CD. The correction of enlargement on X-ray pictures was performed according to known dimensions of implants and the length scale on CT scans. Enlargement of those parameters, from T1 to L5 spine level was from 60 to 100%, except the stagnation in the mid-thoracic region, and decreasing of corporal depth on the L5 vertebra (CD/L5), in comparison to the fourth vertebra (CD/L4). The clinical importance of this work is in estimation and comparison of dimensions of vertebral bodies measured on X ray and CT scans, as the basic inputs during surgical procedures of vertebroplasty and anterior spondilodesis. 


spine, vertebra, body, volume, dimensions, vertebroplasty

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