Opportunities and Contradictions in Maritime Heritage and Small-scale Fishing. A Case Study of Catalonia.

Eliseu Carbonell


Much has been written in recent years about the crisis in fisheries caused by the critical reduction in catches and about the strategies developed by local communities of fishers in response. The aim of this article is to demonstrate that the use of maritime heritage can also be considered part of these strategies. Like fishers elsewhere, Catalan small-scale fishers face severe threats to their professional survival. Recently some of them have became involved in activities related to maritime heritage as a strategy to draw the attention of policy makers and the general public to their problems, a strategy not without clear contradictions. But beyond these contradictions, the article points out the opportunities that use of maritime heritage offers to fishers in Catalonia as well as elsewhere.


maritime heritage, small-scale fishing, traditional vessels, shore seine, open outcry fish auction, Catalonia.

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