Editorial Foreword: On the Cooperation of Linguists and Anthropologists in the Field of Terminology

Kristijan Lewis, Milica Mihaljević


Collaboration between anthropologists and linguists from the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics began in 2011 with the project Basic Anthropological Terminology – ANTRONA supported by the Croatian Science Foundation. It was the project of the Institute for Anthropological Research in Zagreb, which was led by Anita Sujoldžić and conducted in cooperation with linguists and terminologists from the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics. The project aimed to create basic anthropological terminology that covers the entire range of anthropology as a science. The ANTRONA project was the first humanities and social sciences project in the Struna program (Figure 1). Thus, it was the first step in creating and developing Croatian terminology in humanities and social sciences. It was followed by the project Croatian Linguistic Terminology – Jena described in this volume of Collegium Antropologicum.

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