The Influence of Sedentary L Lifestyle on Low Back Pain and Lower Concentration Level

Karla Rožac, Štefica Mikšić


Lower back pain is today the most common condition caused by a sedentary lifestyle. As it occurs more frequently at a younger age, this research was conducted to examine physical activity and lower back pain in students, and whether there are any correlations. The study surveyed 113 respondents using a survey questionnaire that included sociodemographic data, respondents ’attitudes about physical activity and lower back pain, and a visual analogue scale for pain assessment (VAS) and Oswestry’s Quality of Life Questionnaire. The results of the research showed a statistically significant difference in concentration during learning and sleep quality in relation to sitting for several hours and performing activities of daily living, as well as the influence of pain. Considering that the study of nursing and physiotherapy from undergraduate to graduate level was compared, a significant difference was found in the total sum of the Oswestry questionnaire between these levels (p = 0.003), while a positive correlation of mean strength was found between the results of this questionnaire (τ = 0.448) and degree of pain. Hours of sitting and physical inactivity contribute to the development of pain. Physical activity and strengthening of the abdominal and back muscles, and proper change of position leads to the prevention of pain.

DOI: 10.5671/ca.45.2.7


physical activity, low back pain, students, sedentary lifestyle

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