Knowledge and Attitudes o of Patients about Dental Implants as a Treatment Option after Tooth Extraction

Marija Čandrlić, Manuela Dvorski, Matej Tomas, Zrinka Ivanišević, Martina Juzbašić, Nikola Matijević, Đorđe Petrović, Marko Matijević


The aim of the study is to determine patients’ knowledge and attitudes toward dental implants as a therapeutic option after tooth extraction and to examine the sources of information about dental implants and determine the most common  barriers in deciding for this type of therapy. The cross-sectional study included 130 patients. An anonymous survey  questionnaire was used to conduct the research. The survey questionnaire consists of a total of 17 multiple-choice questions. Respondents showed good knowledge of dental implants except for knowledge of dental implant duration where subjects mostly stated that a dental implant lasts a lifetime. For most respondents, the dentist is the main source of information related to dental implants. The cost of the procedure for most respondents is a major barrier in decision to install a dental implant, but most of them want to know more about dental implants. Statistically significant differences were observed in patients ‘knowledge in relation to age and level of education and patients’ attitudes in relation to gender, age, and level of education.

DOI: 10.5671/ca.45.2.8


dental implant, treatment modality, knowledge, missing teeth

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