Different Perception of Health Status and Importance of Physical Activity among Croatian, Slovak and Czech Youth

Jiri Malis, Jana Vašíčková, Branislav Antala, Iveta Cihová, Dario Novak


The main aim of the study was to compare self-perception of health status and importance of physical activity in students in Croatia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We used a self-designed questionnaire originally prepared in the Slovak language that was translated in mother languages for Czech and Croatian students. The questionnaire consists of five parts (we focused only on one part – physical activity and health) and basic demographical data. We obtained 1,368 questionnaires from first and last grade of high school students. For answers to 15 statements, students used 5-point Likert scale. Health status was perceived as excellent or very good by large portion of Croatian boys compared to Czech and Slovak boys. Physical activity helps students to be fit and to better assess situation in real life. Importance of physical activity should be promoted because not only does it make people fit but also helps them work, study, and relax better.



self-perceived health status, physical activity; schoolwork, high school student; questionnaire

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