Position of the Mental Foramen in Kosovarian Population

Lumnije Kqiku, Andreas Weiglein, Blerim Kamberi, Veton Hoxha, Kastriot Meqa, Peter Städtler


The aim of this study was to determine the position, shape, number and radiographic appearance of the mental foramen in a selected Kosovarian population. Five hundred panoramic radiographs of dental Kosovarian patients were selected and analyzed according to the mental foramen position, shape, radiographic appearance, number and symmetry. The mean distance in the horizontal plane of the mental foramen to the posterior border of the mandibular ramus was 67.5 mm and for distance from the mental foramen to symphysis menti 24.84 mm. In the vertical plane the mean distance of the mental foramen to alveolar crest was 20.38mmand 14.68mmfor distance of the mental foramen to the lower border of mandible. The majority of mental foramen was oval in shape and the most frequent radiographic appearance was the separated type. Accessory mental foramina were detected in <1% of the cases and the mental foramen was not bilaterally symmetrical but no statistical differences were found. This study showed that the most common position of the mental foramen investigated using panoramic radiographs from a selected group in Kosovarian population was between the first and second mandibular premolars with distinct tendency to be positioned near to the second mandibular premolar.


anatomy, mandible, mental foramen, radiographic images, Kosovarian population

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