Harmonic Structure of Tracheal Biometrics

Dinko Milavec, Jelenko Lazić, Hrvoje Puretić, Vlatko Mičković, Goran Sirovatka, Zoran Lončar


According to existing research, in 20% of patients the required tracheal size (diameter and length) could not be measured
automatically (using software solution). In this paper, we use Zederbauer's harmonic circle to define the relationship
between a person's body height and the diameter and length of their trachea. We then explore differences by gender. The
results show that there is a highly significant correlation between measured data and values obtained by harmonic
analysis. The final goal is to obtain the mathematical interpretation of the relationship of the tracheal size to the height
of man, in order to further apply such sizes in the creation of 3D models that could finally be printed on appropriate 3D
printers and with the suitable material.


anthropometry, harmonic circle, proportions of the human body

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