Effects of an Additional Basketball and Volleyball Program on Motor Abilities of Fifth Grade Elementary School Students

Aleksandar Selmanović, Dragan Milanović, Zrinko Čustonja


The aim was to evaluate the transformational effects of an additional weekly PE session based on team sports (basketball and volleyball) on students’ motor status. The research was conducted on a sample of 125 eleven-year-old boys divided into three groups (two experimental and one control) which were examined by 12 motor tests at the beginning and at the end of the 9-month period. The tests included evaluation of explosive power, dynamic and static strength endurance, co-ordination, flexibility and hand frequency motion. Although all three treatments together, complemented by the natural growth and developmental factors, induced significant quantitative changes, the results showed the highest motor improvements in the basketball experimental group, followed by the volleyball experimental group. While explosive power mainly contributed toward significant difference between the control and experimental groups in the final measurement, univarate test results also showed distinctive improvements in dynamic strength, hand frequency motion and various factors of co-ordination within experimental groups. The general conclusion points to the fact that even one additional PE session per week of the given program is sufficient to produce significant changes in motor abilities of elementary school fifth graders. Therefore the authors’ support the legal provisions of mandatory implementation of extra-curricular forms of physical activity in elementary schools.


extra-curricular program, basketball, volleyball, motor abilities

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