Post-Broadcast TV Content Consumption Patterns - A Research into Contemporary Croatian Consumers’ Viewing Habits

Silvija Marija Ćurić


In the post-broadcast television era marked by technology convergence content consumption has undergone major transformations and that process is still ongoing. With the digital age, multiple new opportunities to watch television content on different devices, in different places and in changed social surrounding have opened up. Different devices, such as tablets and smartphones, have become integrated into the content consumption behavior and have even become the main device used for television or on demand content consumption. Consumers are migrating to streaming and on demand services, and traditional media adapt to the new pace of changing viewer habits.  The constant audience transformation shows that multiscreen living rooms are turning into many single screen rooms through the usage of individual digital devices as they become the primary source of content consumption. In order to understand the trends that are changing at a fast pace, this paper will look into different aspects of new media consumption trends through quantitative research. Understanding the current consumer preferences in the latest digital technological shift is an important element that helps shape television program production, distribution and marketing decisions.


technology convergence, television, new media, content, digital age

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