The Commercial ‘All That We Share’: A Contemporary Reality Television Myth

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The aim of the paper is a semiotic analysis of the commercial All That We Share by TV 2 Denmark A/S within the contemporary theoretical framework of Barthes, Fiske, Hartley, Silverstone and Solar. The paper briefly outlines the theories these authors developed regarding myth as discourse, the mythical and bardic role of television, television as a transitional object that participates in the establishment of ontological security and myth as an expression of mythical consciousness that still coexists with other forms of consciousness. The text of All That We Share is viewed in relation to the goal of creating and achieving results, by analysing the affiliation of media and genre and by a semiotic analysis of its structural components, as well as the expressive means used. The paper attempts to prove that the text is a contemporary reality TV myth that uses digital distribution models and the moment of emergence of curatorial culture in which, apart from losing the clean boundaries between genres and the media, the viewers take on the role of distributors and co-creators of the narrative. The text does not only stay within the code of the television and the mythical code but it also presents these codes in their direct, simple and clear form. This form of storytelling, harmonised with the precise selection of the initial moment of text distribution that strongly contextualises it, contributes to the creation of its meaning, enhances its distribution and ensures the global success of the text.


All That We Share, discourse, myth, television, semiotics

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