Digital Video Generation and Their Viewing Habits: The Death of Television News?

Darijo Čerepinko, Željka Bagarić, Lidija Dujić


Following the changing media content consumptions patterns of today’s youth – rise of social media as a primary news source; mobile internet access; binge watching; transfer onto content streaming services etc. – it is not hard to predict the death of television as a news source in foreseeable future. In this paper we combine audience behavior research of viewing habits of Generations Y and Z with content analysis of the among them most popular news podcasts from the use and gratification perspective. The intention of our research is to explore the future of both television as a medium and television news as a media format and to do so we extrapolate statistical data provided by both research methods to define new format and broadcast (in the broadest sense) standards that are attractive and engaging to our target population: the television news consumers of the future.


Generations X, Y and Z, Video viewing habits, digital video channels

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