Male students physique in accordance with Heath- Carter method

Mirosława Szark-Eckardt, Jerzy Eksterowicz, Marek Napierala



Students from Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz, on their first year of Physical Education course have in the studies program, summer training camp. During such camp in June 2016, chosen anthropometric parameters were collected on a group of male students. The main goal of that research was the assessment of somatic body building in accordance with the method found and proposed by Barbara Heath and Lindsay Carter. All measurements were taken using Swiss anthropometric tools, from Siber Hegner & Co. Ltd (Switzerland. All measurements were taken by the same investigator, applying standard anthropometric methods according to the procedure of the International Biological Programme. The insightful received results analysis has shown, that the average fat tissue content in the group of researched men was 10,15%, considering body mass. On the other hand, somatotypes were lower than average values (endomorphy as fatness- 2,49, mezomorphy as body massiveness- 4,66 and ectomorphy as slimness- 2,71. The biggest relations between investigated features were observed with body mass, the lowest in turn- with body height. The regression for endomorphy and other features indicates the main independent variable is Rohrer’s index and body mass index. The analysis of regression for mezmorphy and other features the main independent variable is body mass index (other independent variables do not show statistical importance). The analysis of regression for ectomorphs indicates that the main independent variable is body height.


students, Body Mass Index, Physical Education, Waist-Hip Ratio, anthropometry

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