Occupational Medicine Professor´s Participation in Erasmus+: Academic Staff Exchange Programme

Hrvoje Lalić


Erasmus+ is the EU´s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The intention of this work is to present the Croatian Occupational Medicine professor´s experience, who as a lecturer partecipated at three foreign institutes through Erasmus+ Programme: in Umea, Sweden in 2014, Bologna, Italy in 2015, Vienna, Austria in 2017. Already in 2009 the professor delivered five lectures at the Institute of Occupational medicine in Trieste, Italy, which was equivalent to future activities in Erasmus+ Programme. The paper gives benefit assessment of such participations on the basis of personal experience as well as the institute comparisons, for both the guest lecturer and for the host. The lectures were performed and confirmations from host institutions were issued. However, on this level of cooperation it is expected something more, for example establishing the basis of future cooperation with visited universities, reciprocal professors’ visits to our University, as well as opening doors for students, collaboration on projects and patient exchange and their treatment. This paper discusses what of all is achieved at a particular institute.


Academic staff exchange, Erasmus+ Programme, Occupational medicine

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