The assessment of the female student physique in accordance with Heath-Carter method

Jerzy Eksterowicz, Marek Napierała, Walery Zukow


Purpose The aim of this research is to determine the basic morphologic parameters of body composition, with particular emphasis on Body Type evaluation, according to Barbara Heath and Lindsay Carter method. Methods The basic anthropometric measurements were taken in June 2016, during the summer training camp for Kazimierz Wielki University students. The study includes only measurements on female students, from first year of studies, Physical Education course. For the measurements the set of Swiss anthropometric tools were used, from Siber Hegner & Co. Ltd (Switzerland). All measurements were taken by the same investigator, applying standard anthropometric methods according to the procedure of the International Biological Program. Results The analysis of the results shows, that the average content of the fat tissue to body weight, among the surveyed women, was 14,097%, however the parameters which characterize somatotype were lower than average values and amounted respectively: endomorphy (measurement of fatness): 3,59, mesomorphy (measurement of body massiveness): 3,52 and ectomorphy (measurement of body slenderness): 2,78. Conclusions The presented measurements show that studied bodies were in the group of medium slim, medium low fatness and medium strong body massiveness.


somatic, Heath-Carter method, Sheldon method

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