Diversity of Y-chromosomal and mtDNA Markers Included in Mediscope Chip within Two Albanian Subpopulations from Croatia and Kosovo: Preliminary Data

Miran Čoklo, Dubravka Havaš Auguštin, Jelena Šarac, Natalija Novokmet, Elza Khusnutdinova, Serghey Litvinov, Sara Haydar, Corinne Lautier, Christophe Normand, Redha Attaoua, Madalina Vintila, Anna Bosch-Comas, Helena Suarez, Pedro Jares, Ramon Gomis, Saša Missoni, Damir Marjanović, Florin Grigorescu


The aim of this preliminary study is to analyze genetic specificity of Kosovo Albanians comparing with neighboring populations using new genetic tool - MEDISCOPE gene chip, to investigate the feasibility of this approach. We collected 37 DNA samples (9 Croats, 17 Albanians from Croatia and 11 Albanians from Kosovo) from unrelated males born in Croatia and Kosovo. Additionally, samples were expanded with female individuals and mtDNA analysis included a total of 61 samples (15 Croats, 23 Albanians from Croatia and 23 Albanians from Kosovo). This pilot study suggests that the usage of the MEDISCOPE chip could be recognized as an efficient tool within recognition of the population genetic specificity even within extremely small sample size.


Y-chromosome, mtDNA, haplogroup, MEDISCOPE Chip, Albanian, Croatia, Kosovo

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