Giant Spinal Schwannoma in a 76-year-old Woman - A Case Report

Jurica Fudurić, Zvonko Zadro, Ivan Frketić, Ana Šoštarić Zadro, Rade Škarica, Anđelko Korušić, Miroslav Župčić, Igor Nikolić, Vjekoslav Jeleč, Sandra Graf Župčić, Toni Kolak


A schwannoma is a benign nerve sheath tumor composed of Schwann cells. Spinal schwannoma originates from dorsal roots of the spinal cord, causing symptoms due to the compression of neighboring structures. We present a patient with a low back pain and left L2 and L3 radiculopathy. Neuroimaging techniques (CT, MRI) showed a large expansive mass in the left lumbar paraspinal area. The tumor was removed totally by the posterior approach and was verified to originate from the left L2 spinal nerve root. The histopathological examination revealed typical findings of a schwannoma. The pain was resolved promptly after the surgery, however the patient’s neurological condition wasn't improved. Surgical treatment was a final treatment, and no additonal therapy was necessary.


low back pain, radiculopathy, giant spinal schwannoma

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