General Characteristics of Newborns from the Area of Tuzla Canton, Born in the Course of the 2007

Jasminka Halilović, Amela Begić


This is a retrospective study in which we have used data from the book of protocols of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the University - Clinical Center in Tuzla. Only stillborn infants were excluded from the sample. In the period beginning from the 01.01 to 31.12.2007 in the GAK Center of Tuzla, there were 4057 births giving 4125 infants. Out of the total, there were 29 stillbirths (0.7%), comprising 16 boys and 13 girls. There were 4,096 (99.3%) live births, comprising 2123(51.83%) boys and 1973(48.17%) girls, female:male ratio is 100:108. During 2007th  year there were 64 twin pregnancies in which 128 infants were born. Seven male and three female infants out of twin pregnancies were stillborn. From the total of 121 live births of infants born from multiple pregnancies, there were 57 boys and 64 girls. Two births gave triplets, five boys and one girl. Average values of the observed parameters in the total sample of infants born in the period from 01.01. to 31.12.2007th year had the following values: birth weight 3387.17, birth length 52.83 cm, maternal age was =26.49 years, and the average order of births was 1.61. Birth weight in the total sample of male infants ranged from minimal of 1130g, to maximum of 5150g . The average value of birth weight amounted for males 3443.47g and 3326.38g for females. The birth length of male infants in the total sample ranged from minimal, which was 35cm to 62cm maximum. The average value of the body length was 53.16 cm. During the 2007th year 1973 females were born.There were 123(6.24 %) infants with low birth weight (hypotrophic) and 1659 (84.22%) eutrophic ones. High birth weight newborns (hypertrophic infants), mounted to 188 or 9.54 % . Male infants were more likely hypertrophic compared to females.


baby, birth weight, birth length, hypo, eu- and hypertrophic newborns

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