Breast Cancer Detection: Role of Family Physicians

Rudika Gmajnić, Admir Beganović, Sanda Pribić, Ivana Muha, Maja Tolušić Levak, Zoran Petrović


We undertook a specific interventional program with the main aim to study and test the possibility for the family medicine team to use various work methods in order to motivate the population to take part in preventive programs. The aim of this report is to present the preliminary results of the interventional program, particularly related to the breast cancer. The study was prospective and interventional and includes the implementations of specific Program activities and two groups; patients getting interventions, experimental group and patients not getting any interventions, control group. Results have shown that the response to mammography screening is greater in the experimental group, and it reaches a high 78.5%, in comparison with the control group, 63.1%. Some differences are also found in relations to the women age and place of resident. But, the complete inside into the obtained data are ongoing process and results will be presented in another article.  


breast cancer, detection, intervention program, family medicine, Croatia

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