My Croatian Experience with General/Family Practice

Alan Mem Aba


Despite the differences in organisational level and training of the new generation of family physicians general practice between the United Kingdom and Croatia shows many similarities. This article highlights some of this similarities and differences. It is written after a visit to the Family Medicine Department at Andrija Štampar  School of Public Health  and observations in various clinics in multiple locations including rural area in Croatia.  Each primary care team in Croatia consist of only a doctor and a practice and a public health nurses with no availability of administration staff. As in the United Kingdom they have very heavy workload both clinical and nonclinical.  In Croatia the lack of availability of commonly used community services in the United Kingdom brings extra challenge for Croatian colleagues. In Croatia presentation of patients with chronic disease and multiple co-morbities and overall their management is not significantly different from the general practice of the United Kingdom.


: general practice, family medicine, organisation, service provision, Croatia

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