Development of Family Medicine Specialist Curriculum in Croatia: Challenging Experiences

Mladenka Vrcić Keglević, Hrvoje Tiljak


A specialisation in FM started in school year 1960/61, but with almost 12 years break. Therefore the renew ST started in 2003 as a project „Harmonisation of family medicine with EU standards introducing a FM specialisation“. The aim of this article is not to present the all developmental phases of the ST curriculum, but to describe only a certain challenging experiences which might be of the readers' help. Several experiences were chosen; experience in educational need assessment using Focus group method, introduction of a new specialist’s exam, development of study guide and trainees and trainers manuals, selection and training of trainers, skill-lab training and peer-group learning. A systematic evaluation was planed for the next year, when Project in this form is going to finish and will be replaced by another one. The general impression is that the ST in FM is perceived as rather challenging for trainees and also challenging for teachers as well.


family medicine, specialisation, specialist curriculum, specialist’s exam, Croatia

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