Physical Activity and Quality of Life of Mothers of Preschool Children

Ana Babić Čikeš, Jasmina Tomašić Humer, Daniela Šincek


Aim of this study was to explore physical activity of mothers of preschool children and connection of different aspects of their physical activity (at work, during commuting, in free time, while doing housework) with subjective quality of life. Another aim was to investigate factors that are obstacles of living physically active life in this population. Participants of the study were 252 Croatian women, who had at least one preschool child older than three years. The World Health Organization Quality Of Life - BREF questionnaire and International Physical Activity Questionnaire were used. Participants also gave some personal demographic data, and answered the question about factors that complicate organized physical activities practising. Results of this research showed that mothers of preschool children were more physically active than the population of adults in general, but their physical activity was mostly housework activity. Physical activity in their free time was the only aspect of physical activity that was significantly correlated with different aspects of mother's subjective quality of life. Employed mothers and those who live in towns had more physical activities in the free time. Organizational factors and feeling that family suffers for their absence were the most frequent factors that complicate organized physical activities practising. Results revealed that only physical activity in free time contributes to mother’s quality of life. Mothers of preschool children mostly do housework physical activity, so support of the social community for physical activity in their free time in this population is recommended. Such activities should be especially directed to unemployed mothers and those who live in the villages.




physical activity, subjective quality of life, mothers of preschool children, woman, free time

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