Internal Hernias in Acute Abdomen: Review of Literature and Report of four Cases

Marijan Tepeš, Iva Kirac, Elizabet Glavan, Marko Doko




Internal hernias are very rare in clinical practice and surgeons often disregard internal hernias in spectrum of differential diagnosis in acute abomen. Reaching the diagnosis before internal hernia causes an acute abdomen, is difficult despite modern diagnostic tools, mostly because of wide range of symptoms and variable time of their occurrence. Furthermore, the lag in diagnosis may prove dangerous as they can cause acute bowel or intestinal obstruction. In such cases high mortality has been recorded. In fact, emergency exploratory surgery seems to be of high importance because timing directly influences the outcome.  Herein we present  four cases with developed acute abdomen due to internal hernia, treatments provided and their outcome along with review of literature.



internal hernia, acute abdomen, ileus, intestinal obstruction, emergency

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