Changes in the Organizational Structure of Public Health Nurse Service in the Republic of Croatia 1995 to 2012

Zvonimir Bendeković, Dobrislav Šimić, Dobrislav Šimić, Ana Gladović, Ana Gladović, Luka Kovačić, Luka Kovačić


Since 1996, after the privatization of primary health care, public health nurse (PHN) in Croatia remained employed within the health centre, mainly responsible for the preventive care of the inhabitants from defined catchment’s area. Before that time they were part of general practice teams. The main aim of the study was to investigate what are the trends in the organizational structure of PHN service in Croatia, from 1995-2012. The main source was the Croatian Health Service Yearbooks. The obtained results shows that they are college educated and mostly in full-time jobs. The important findings are the lack of nurses and theirs regional differences. In highly demanding societies, with growing numbers of elderly, mental, social and economic problems, it will be worthy to consider the lower standard then 5 100 inhabitants per one PHN. Also, it should be taken into account to invest into the lowering of regional disparities.


Public health nurse, organizational structure, Primary health care, Croatia

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