Changes in the Eyelids and Conjunctiva Caused by Ultraviolet Radiation

Dobrila Karlica - Utrobičić, Darko Jaki Batistić, Marjan Urlić


The aim of this study was to show the frequency, sex and age distribution of eyelids skin tumor changes and degenerative changes of the conjunctiva for the period of three years (2011 - 2013) at the Department of Ophthalmology in Split. We analyzed the eyelids skin lesions in biopsy material at the Department of Pathology and the same were compared with the profession of the patients. In this period there were found 131 tumor changes of the eyelids. The most common tumor was the basal cell carcinoma (118) with the higher frequency in women. There were 10 squamous cell carcinomas with the equal representation among sexes and three melanomas. There were 79 female and 52 male patients. There were 299 pterygiums operated with the higher frequency in women (68.2%). Exposure to UV radiation, particulary UVB radiation is the most common causative factor for genetic abnormalities in cells  and provoked factor in oncogenesis of skin tumors. In our research we found a correlation between changes in the eyelids and conjunctiva caused by UV radiation with the professional interest of the respondents. Due to high incidence of eyelids skin tumor changes in the population professionally exposed to UV radiation, medical professionals should be aware of the importance of the public education on the etiology of these tumors and the importance of the UV protection.


skin tumors, eyelids, UV radiation, exposure, profession

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