Capsular Tension Ring in Damaged Zonules

Samir Čanović, Suzana Kovačević, Marija Škara Kolega, Ana Didović Pavičić, Jadranka Katušić Bašić


Capsular tension ring (CTR) is endocapsular support device important during cataract surgery in eyes with weak zonular apparatus. It was presented our experience, advantages and limitations of CTR in phacoemulsification cataract surgery with damaged zonules. Phacoemulsification surgery was performed by clear corneal technique using topical anesthesia. Capsular ring was implanted to stabilize the capsular bag before implantation of intraocular lens. CTR has become increasingly important in the management of zonular weakness during cataract extraction. It lowers the incidence of capsule contraction, stabilizes the capsular bag and enhances IOL centration.


capsular tension ring, zonular dyalisis

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