Prostate Volume and Urinary Discomforts in Elderly

Tomislav Tadin, Josip Španjol, Iva Muškardin, Željko Fučkar



Occasional doubts about the real effect of the prostate volume on the urinary discomforts that elderly have been experiencing required additional assessment of these parameters. The aim of this study was to re-evaluate relationship between the urinary discomforts of the elderly and the prostate volume in comparison with age. Results of the group of 79 patients observed within one-year period were analysed. In assessing their urinary discomforts the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) was calculated, the ultrasound prostate volumetry was performed, and both of these parameters where compared with age. Statistical analysis of the results confirmed significant positive correlation between the prostate volume and age, positive correlation between IPSS and age, as well as between prostate volume and IPSS.


prostate volume, urinary discomforts, elderly, International Prostate Symptom Score

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