River Crossings and Roman Auxiliary Forts: A New Evidence from the River Krka

Nikola Cesarik


The author provides a new evidence of the Roman auxiliary fort located on the right bank of the River Krka, in the cadastral municipality of Radučić village, next to the hamlet of Ljevaje. The fort was a part of the garrison of Burnum, which controlled the main crossing over the River Krka, i.e. the crossing over the former travertine barrier of ‘Čavlinov buk’. This evidence provides a new insight of the layout of garrison of Burnum, which was organized in a very different way than previously thought. It has been established that the Roman military garrison of Burnum was formed along the River Krka, from Radučić to Ivoševci, with the objective of controlling the key crossings over the travertine barriers of Čavlinov buk, Bilušića buk, Brljan and Manojlovac. Therefore, alongside the legionary fortress, three auxiliary forts were placed in the immediate vicinity of these river crossings


Burnum, River Krka, Roman auxiliary fort, river crossings, travertine barriers, Radučić, Ljevaje, Čavlinov buk

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