Managing in Conditions of Crisis Events - Environmental Aspects

Marina Malis Sazdovska, Svetlana Nikoloska


Inside frames of acting of the authority services and bodies it is necessary to take measures and activities in the part of protection of the environment, especially protection of the resources for pristine continuation of everyday life of the population in time of crisis. In the field of dealing with risks with the National platform, in cases of ecological risks and risks in the domain of agriculture, forestry and water management are predicted.

Conflict happened in the Republic of Macedonia in 2001 presented serious security problem, resulting in several causes. With that the safety condition was violated and the national safety was attacked by Albanian radical groups. Of course, the conflict also had implications on the environment.

This crisis event and the other types of crises in Republic of Macedonia are part of this paper. The author of this text analyses the results of research which was conducted from the Faculty of Security- Skopje during 2009-2010, when 667 examinees were polled. Also the author in the paper analyses some official documents about measures to be taken during crisis in Republic of Macedonia.


crisis, eco-crisis, managing, security, environment

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