Head Trauma and Posttraumatic Epilepsy in Slavonski Brod, East Croatia, 1988-2008

Lidija Šapina, Vladimira Vuletić, Gordana Lojen, Željka Janjetović, Željka Vuković-Arar


Posttraumatic epilepsy is result of head trauma. The aim of our research was to establish how many patients after head trauma developed posttraumatic epilepsy (PTE). Retrospectively we analized 50 patients with head trauma different severity in period from 1989. to 2008., which we werified radiological, electroenfephalographic, and psychical changes were establiched according pto psychiatric examination. From 50 patient with head trauma, 40 developed sezures (3 in the firs 24 hours and 6 after first 24 hours to the end of first week, 31 after first week). By introducing antiepileptic therapy (AETh), 30 patients were seizure free, 10 patients had 1-2 epileptic seizure monthly ( EPA/CPA), 10 patients got prophylactic AETh in period 6-12 months. 14 patients developed psychical changes which were verified by psychiatrist. The experience and literature show that posttraumatic epilepsy is good for treating with 1 or 2 antiepileptic, and remission is more difficult in case psychiatric comorbidity. Key words: epilepsy, Croatia, prognosis, trauma, therapy


epilepsy, Croatia, prognosis, trauma, therapy

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