Macro-Regional Differences in Motor Abilities among the 5th Grade Primary School Pupils in the Republic of Croatia

Dario Novak, Boris Neljak, Franjo Prot


The aim of this paper is to determine the differences in kinanthropological characteristics of elementary school pupils in relation to macro-regional characteristics of the Republic of Croatia. The research included 2358 subjects (1089 boys – average age 10,4±0,6; height 150,27±7,32; body mass 44,06±9,74; and 1269 girls -  average age 10,6±0,5; height 152,02±7,74; body mass 45,12±10,39) – fifth grade elementary school pupils. Analyzed kinanthropological characteristics refer to statistically significant differences in the results based on the macro-region criterion (p < 0.05). It is possible to assume that climatic and temperature differences as well as gene frequency differences to a certain extent incite differences in the level of participating in physical activities, and with it the differences in kinanthropological characteristics of subjects. 



Key words: macro-regions, pupils, fifth grade, Republic of Croatia

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