The Effects of Covid-19 Lockdown on Persons with Dementia

Lucija Grkman, Barbara Lovrečič, Mercedes Lovrečič


The covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the lives of all, especially vulnerable groups, like persons with dementia. During lockdown, access to healthcare was limited, loneliness and the burden of caregivers increased. We reviewed the literature, using PRISMA methodology, on dynamic of dementia symptoms after the beginning of the pandemic and lockdown. According to the studies included in the results in our research, the proportions of worsening neuropsychiatric symptoms ranged from 14% to 72%, cognitive decline ranged from 19% to 60% and the need for pharmacological adjustment of treatment ranged from 7,2 % to 27,6 %.  The most common symptoms that worsened during the pandemic were apathy, agitation, anxiety, depressive symptoms and sleeping disorders. On the other hand, few researches have not shown a link between the pandemic and worsening of dementia symptoms. For a more holistic view of the impact of the pandemic on persons with dementia, future monitoring of the change in dementia symptoms, for example at the end of the pandemic, would be necessary.



lockdown, COVID-19, pandemics, dementia, symptom worsening

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