Infertility and Obesity- A Cross-Sectional Study in North Indian Women

Navjot Kamboj, Mohinder Pal Sachdeva, Chakraverti Mahajan, Kallur Nava Saraswathy, Manju Puri, Nandita Babu


Studies related to the association between obesity and infertility are almost negligible in the North Indian context; thus, the present study aims to assess the relationship between primary infertility and obesity in Delhi (North India) women independently and in light of various demographics and lifestyles and reproductive variables. The present study was a part of a major project funded by the National Commission for Women of India, Government of India. Data was collected from 334 females, including 167 fertile and 167 infertile individuals. A pretested modified quantitative interview schedule was used to collect the data, which consisted of two parts: First part of the Interview schedule included demographic variables, reproductive profile and lifestyle variables. The second part consisted of somatometric measurements in the form of BMI which were taken with the help of anthropometric rod (Height) and digital weighing scale (Weight). All the data was analysed through SPSS 22.0.The results revealed a higher prevalence of obesity and underweight among infertile women.There is a clear-cut indication that usual risk factors of obesity like physical inactivity, increasing age, higher age at marriage, and infertility-related biological issues seem to be promoting obesity in combination with infertility. Public education is needed to increase awareness about the age at marriage. As physical inactivity leads to obesity among infertile women, counseling, awareness or improvement of lifestyle factors should be considered in the infertility treatment protocol.



Women, Infertility, Obesity, BMI, Reproductive Health

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