River Crossings and Roman Auxiliary Forts: The Evidence from the River Cetina

Nikola Cesarik


The author provides a new evidence of the Roman auxiliary forts located in the hinterland of Salona – a capital of the province of Dalmatia. The first fort is located at the site called Ograde, near the hamlet of Živaljići in the village of Gardun. It controlled the crossing over the river Cetina from the area of Vojnić and Gardun towards Čaporice. The second fort is located above the karstic plateau of Turjački Podi, on the hilltop known as Radašuša, which controlled the natural route that connected Salona with Aequum. The evidence of these two forts provide a better knowledge of the overall organisation of the garrison in the hinterland of Salona, and by connecting the previous data, it is now evident that this garrison was organised as a complex system of control of the entrance to the main port on the Eastern Adriatic.


Roman military garrison, Tilurium, Salona, river Cetina, Roman auxiliary forts, river crossings, Pons Tiluri, Roman roads, Gardun, Turjački Podi, Aequum, Andetrium

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