Validation of the Croatian Version of the Duke Religion Index (DUREL-hr) among Medical School Students

Lucija Murgić, Sanea Mihaljević, Slavica Sović, Branka Aukst-Margetić, Gordana Pavleković


The purpose of this study was to develop and examine the psychometric properties of the Croatian version of the Duke Religion Index (DUREL-hr) and to examine religiousness trends among different years medical students. Our results demonstrated high internal consistency (coefficient alpha ranging from 0.883 for the total scale to 0.9398 for the intrinsic subscale) of DUREL-hr as well as students’ religiousness results comparable to other studies on the religiousness of the youth in Croatia. DUREL-hr is a reliable and valid instrument suitable to use in Croatian language. Authors encourage studies on the relationship of religiousness and health in Croatia.  


religiousness and medicine; medical education; psychometrics; students; mental health;

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